Fashion Illustration

I use different pigments to create natural nuances and transparency. “This method is airy and soft with a lot of depth”.

Designs made with the digital watercolor painting tecnique.

So classy,
so female.

My fashion illustrations are found in magazines, promotional ads, and boutiques as stand-alone pieces of artwork. Alternatively, technical sketches called “flats” are used to convey the idea of a design to a patternmaker or fabricator.

Capture the mood!

Fashion illustration is more focused on the figure wearing the clothes and less on a particular clothing item or accessory. Simplicity is more powerful.

Seamless Patter Design

A seamless pattern (or repeating pattern) is a pattern that can be repeated endlessly without any visible seams or interruptions.

They are key to creating designs that work on wallpaper, fabrics, bedding, website backgrounds or packagings. Anything that needs to be repeated indefinitely.