The Logo Wall

A logo designs selection made for the clients all over the world.

Logo is definitely the basic element for efficient branding and marketing. Its design can become a solid basis for successful communication of the brand with its buyers, customers and users, that is why it needs careful professional approach.

Case Study: JOHNNY PUETZ logo design

Johnnypuetz Productions is an award-winning motofilmaker company based in Brooklyn, New York.
Their work can be seen on Netflix, Amazon, HBO, Warner Bros. Pictures, and at several film festivals worldwide. They have also worked with a variety of major brands, including Jeep, Triumph, and Red Bull. 
Here you can see few details of the design process:

Everything is started from the idea to have a fusion of two elements.

The video camera and the moto gears.

After several sketches it’s the time to set the proportions and text.

For this logo I choose a minimal look to be soon recognizable and be perfect for digital marketing, print or embroidery use.

The Final Result

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